Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Clock Safe Review

I received the clock safe from Mitaki as a sample to review.

I thought the Mitaki Clock Safe was a really neat product and wanted to check it out. I had not seen one like this before so I was intrigued.This Clock takes one AA battery. Which is not included. The clock measures 9.75" dia. x 2.5" so it is one of those standard looking clocks that you see just about everywhere. In offices and classrooms. It has a 2" compartment on the backside so some people say to cut a hole in your wall but I don't think that is necessary. I think you could mount this and not have to worry that someone thinks its a safe. 

So you are probably wondering what all can you put in here. You can keep your money, meds or other valuables. Even jewelry. To me this makes perfect sense for someone who has roommates or a lot of people over and you need to just keep something safe just in case. You don't even necessarily have to mount this somewhere that is easily seen. Mount it in the garage or in your storage room where someone might not even see it. There is all kinds of weird possibilities that you could put this clock. Or keep an extra key in it for whatever. I think its nice to have an option to stash something. Plus its just a regular silver and white faced clock. It is so undercover it just blends in to the room in a very boring way. This is a plus of course.

Onto quality. While the design is really a cool idea the clock is made of a thinner plastic. The hinge is the only thing that keeps the two parts together and I do wish this was reinforced with a thicker plastic. But as long as it isn't handled repeatedly or roughly it should be ok.  This would be a good gift for someone who is into spies and covert things. 

Onto Cost. The cost for a gift thats under $20 Bucks is pretty good. Right now its listed under $15. Not a bad cost for something that could be fun or useful depending on how you choose to use it. 

You can find the clock Here

I received a sample of the Clock Safe from Mitaki in order to provide an honest review.

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