Thursday, May 5, 2016

1byone 5GHz Wireless HDMI Streaming Media Player

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If you haven't already noticed I am really into streaming media. I'm always interested in new things that hit the market and if they are better than their competitor. This is the 1byone 5GHZ Wireless HDMI Streaming Media Player. It is similar to a Chromecast or Firestick but a tad different. It uses EZ Cast to stream from your phone , tablet or PC to your TV. A few years ago a kit to do this from PC to TV cost over $100. Now it is so much more affordable in the under $40 range for streaming sticks and other devices. I was interested to see how this compared to my other devices.

This mainly uses EZ Cast to mirror or stream the content. I tested this using my PC, Android phone and iPad2 tablet. Installation is rather easy. Plug in the HDMI stick into your TV. Plug the cord into the end of the stick and attached is the wifi dongle. Plug the other end into a power source.

This was tested with Android 4.4 and it streamed files already on my phone just fine. They streamed flawlessly just the sound was a bit low. But I also found out that the sound is also controlled by your phone so if it is not loud try turning up your phone volume. I couldn't get it to mirror apps which is what I wanted it is only compatible with some particular apps listed and if your phone has that capability. Or at least I couldn't figure it out.  I also had a few issues with my phone dropping the WIFI from EZ cast to my home WIFI connection. So make sure you have  your phone not on the "auto switch to optimized WIFI" option on your phone to avoid this. I did have a signal that wasn't as strong as my home WIFI which prompted this to be an issue. So if you are dropping the WIFI this could be the setting on your phone.

Tested with the iPad2 I had much better luck. I can use the airplay to stream with compatible apps and I can also mirror using airplay as well. Streaming Youtube or Twitch to TV was working fine. I didn't have any issues with movies already downloaded either. Mirroring I could watch myself play poker on the TV.  Or even my favorite farming app. I can see how this can be useful for training or demonstration videos or art classes using digital art apps.  My kids enjoy watching cartoons on  YouTube and it even lets you pre buffer ahead so it can stream better if you have a slow connection.

Tested with PC. I have a pretty slow PC and it wasn't fast enough to be able to buffer my videos from PC to TV. I recently ordered parts to upgrade soon so I am hoping after that I will be able to stream from TV to PC. If you are using this to share documents or images on the TV then this will work just fine. This does have available other apps to cast such as Miracast.

 I can see how this can be useful situations where you don't have access to the WIFI such as a hotel. You can just use this and stream as long as you have access to the HDMI port. Setting up Chromecast requires access to the home network first. I currently use this in the room when  the ROKU isn't working or when we want to watch home movies on the TV. It does what it says it does but the interface isn't the most user friendly of them all but after taking a while to read the manual I have figured it out. I do suggest reading the full manual and not the quick get started manual. I did have some errors where the EZ cast app crashed but that could have been the app or my phone/iPad. It also has an option to use in the car but I did not test that out.

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