Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Aposon watches

I was provided a sample Aposon watch in exchange for an honest review.


This watch has four face dials.  Two on the top are a compass and a thermometer. They are both for decoration only as the description states so they are for looks. I noticed that the compass did not work but I confirmed this via their page. The bottom two dials do work and are for dual time zones.


The looks of this watch are super cool. The PU watch band is really nice and does resemble leather on the outside. The base is a gunmetal gray that can look silver or black depending on the angle  you are looking at. It looks very interesting and unlike any watch I have seen.

Wearability and Comfort:

The watch is made for an 8" wrist at a minimum. Anything smaller such as a 7" will not fit because the base of the watch is very large so a larger wrist is recommended.  It is definitely a watch of size and the base covers most of the space.

Watch Band:

The watch band is nice for a PU band. It resembles leather and has a nice looking white stitch to it. It can fit smaller wrists and larger wrists. Even down to 7" if you wanted to.


At under $15 this watch is totally worth it. Its got a really cool tech/steampunk vibe to it. Very unique. Dual dial faces on the watch so you can know what time it is across the world. Came with a working battery. 

You can check out the watch on Amazon HERE.

I was provided a sample Aposon watch in exchange for an honest review.

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