Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Willow And Everett Pour Over Coffee Dripper

I received a free product sample from Willow And Everett in exchange for an honest review. 

 I am a daily coffee drinker. At least two cups a day. I have been experimenting with alternate ways to brew my coffee since I discovered that my Keurig was at times not delivering the full flavor of my coffee into my cup. I figured this out by using other older methods of brewing coffee. The same exact coffee would taste completely different. Using this Pour Over Coffee method it allows oils and nutrients to pass through and into your cup of coffee. Now you will get the full flavor of your coffee grounds using this method. What I loved was that I didn't have any waste to throw away like a K-cup. It is also easier to clean than my french press. It is one piece, and it goes with any cup as long as it is wide enough to hold the dripper. Read along below for more tips on using a pour over coffee dripper.

Tip #1 Don't use Tap water. Use filtered water. It makes sure there is nothing that can mask the taste of your coffee.

Tip #2 Don't use paper filters. Using paper filters can pass off that paper taste to your coffee. This filter doesn't require paper filters, so you get just the taste of your coffee.

Tip #3 Grind your coffee fine for strong brews. The smaller the grind the more flavor you are going to release. If you like your coffee more mild do a coarser grind on your coffee beans.

Tip #4 Pour in the middle and slowly around the edges. Stop. Wait 30 seconds for your coffee to degas. Then pour more water. Stop. Wait 30 seconds. Then pour the remaining water in the above described manner.

Tip #5 Use more or less coffee depending on how much water you are using and how many cups you are making. Generally for a 6 oz cup I use 21 grams.

Tip #6 Keep your water ready to go in the morning with your dripper on  your cup ready to go to get your coffee faster in the a.m. Closest thing to a set timer I can get!

Ultimately I found that using the pour over coffee dripping method to be the most flavorful way to brew my coffee. It also leaves me with the least parts to clean! Have you ever used a pour over coffee dripper? Let me know in the comments below.

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I received a free product sample from Willow And Everett in exchange for an honest review.