Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Bright Outdoors Safety Lights Review

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Safety Lights by The Bright Outdoors

If you regularly bike or walk at dusk or night than you will want to carry a flashlight with you. But in emergencies and while working out holding onto a flashlight can be cumbersome. I freed up my hands with an adaptable kit from The Bright Outdoors. At first when I received them I thought the lights were rather small, but this is important. If you are running or biking in light clothing, you cannot have a heavy or large light attach to your clothing. These lights attach to your bike, your clothing, or directly to you.

It comes with 3 ways to attach the lights.

1. By the light themselves. It has a clip on the back of the light.
2. By rubber attachments that can go right onto your bike handles.
3. By adjustable straps with velcro that virtually attach to anything.

These lights are also the perfect amount of light. Just enough to see your surrounding area and not too much so your neighbors think someone is casing the house to break in. They are so light I didn't even notice I was wearing it. The velcro straps are stretchy adjustable so they are very convenient for attaching other things as well, like attaching a light to a water bottle.

This kit also includes a charging USB cable for both lights. So you can charge them both at the same time instead of one at a time. These lights do not take batteries so you simply recharge them each time you need to.

One light is black and the other is red. The lights have 4 settings. One click and it is a white light, click it again and it is a white blinking light. Click it once more and it is a red light. Once again and its a blinking red light. One more click and it turns the light off. The red light is nice for night riding for minimal lighting without disturbing anyone around you. It is low key and still gives you enough light to avoid a rock.

You can find these safety lights by going here  

*The Safety lights were provided as a sample for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own. 


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