Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Go Away Funny Mug Review

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I think I personally get a kick out of this more than anybody else. I constantly say

"Just keep it full, Keep adding more to it, Oh now its empty better fix that! "

Or my personal favorite " Can't you read what the mug says?"

But its still funny every time. Taking this to the office could be a total riot. I often wonder and make up my own 4th line for when I top off the mug all the way to the brim.

  • No
  • Nope
  • You Can't Be Serious
  • Not One Step Closer
  • I Know Kung Fu

 And many more...

Does it hold enough coffee?

Yep! Honestly this mug is huge. Its 13 oz so its actually the equivalent of a pretty big huge cup of coffee vs my regular 8 oz coffee mug. It is clear so that you can see what level your coffee temper indicator is.

Does the writing on the sides come off?

Nope.  It is printed on both sides. It is printed onto the glass and I have been washing it lots and it has not come off so it seems to be on there pretty good. I have used both hot and cold coffee with this mug.

Can I put Hot Coffee in this glass mug?

Yep you sure can! It is tempered so it holds hot coffee just as good as iced coffee. You can also put it in the dishwasher and the microwave.

Want to check it out? Click HERE.  #GotMeTipsy

* I was provided a sample mug by Got Me Tipsy for the purposes of providing an honest review.