Saturday, February 27, 2016

Amber Tick and Flea Collar for Dogs and Cats

* This post is sponsored by Amber Crown.

I got this for my cat Indiana. When I ordered it I didn't know how it was made. It is strung together with a strong cord that has each amber bead strung onto it. It has a genuine leather collar clasp in the middle. My cats collar size is 11" so I ordered the 10-11" And it fits him perfect just a bit of the leather hangs off a bit too long and I'm considering trimming it off. I probably could have ordered the 8-10" and had it on the larger setting and that would have worked fine as well.

The amber is raw cut, so it is not polished but a rougher finish on each bead. I guess this helps the amber work. The colors of the amber range from light to dark beads and it looks really authentic. While I purchased this for my cat I probably would not put this on my dog as she is extremely active and has broken strong leather collars before so I don't think this would hold up to her playful behavior.  But if this is just for an older or relaxed dog or a cat it would be fine for that purpose.

 The collar looks really expensive on and looks really fancy on my orange cat. It matches his coat and looks really earthy on him. He doesn't seem to mind it and he's been running around with it on now for a while. It needs to be raw amber because whatever amber releases the fleas don't like it. But once the oils from your cat get onto the amber you will need to wash it in cold water every 2 weeks. This is similar to amber teething necklaces. I wonder if I wear one of these if I will repel fleas and not get bit haha. For some reason fleas just love me.

As for fleas I haven't seen one on him at all since I got it. I am not sure if that is because of the collar or not. But as it is getting warmer the flea eggs start to hatch and he's in danger of attracting them. I am going to keep this on Indiana as the flea season begins and I will update his progress on staying Flea Free.

If you are interested in trying this alternative collar for your pet click HERE.

* Amber Crown provided me with the item for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.



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  2. Great review. I like it you posted some pictures of this. Comparing to those flea treatments flea collars are cheaper and they are effective also.