Saturday, January 23, 2016

Professional SST Cocktail Shaker Set Review

This post contains sponsored links from Mixologist World.

 I've been dabbling in the cocktail world. Quite honestly I have always made horrible drinks and have no clue why. They always taste like straight alcohol. Or maybe I add too much alcohol. How could I possibly know? I'm not trained nor do I have a jigger. But that changed. I received the Professional SST Cocktail Shaker Set from Mixologist World to sample.  It comes with a cocktail shaker and a jigger. If you don't know what a jigger is, it is a tool used to measure the alcohol used to mix a drink. Some recipes call for 1 oz which is pretty standard, but some call for 1.5 oz.  or even .5 oz mixtures. The jigger is a double sided tool with 1oz on one side and .5 oz on the other. This way your recipes are always accurate and don't taste like awful like mine do.

Now I do have a cocktail shaker already but I noticed when I compared the Mixologist World shaker to my old shaker it was so much thicker than my old one. Ultimately will it make a better cocktail probably not, but the quality and the feel of a heavier thicker cocktail shaker made of stainless steel just felt better. Higher quality and both pieces have this beautiful engraving of a huge tree on them. Just an added touch of beauty. The added bonus of the cocktail shaker is that the lid can also be used as a jigger if you lose or need a backup.  This set also comes with a little laminated book that can get wet when you miss the cocktail glass you are trying to fill with your fancy cocktail you just mixed. The book is filled with some recipes some well known classics and some I have never heard of.

You can find this cocktail shaker set at the link below. Sound of and let me know what is your favorite cocktail to mix?

This post contains sponsored links from Mixologist World. I received a cocktail shaker set in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

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