Monday, December 7, 2015

Ozeri Wine Opener

*This post is sponsored by Ozeri.

Have you ever knocked a cork into a bottle of wine?  I have. I know I'm embarrassed but everyone has to learn how to open wine sometime right? At least not by hand you don't. I was sent this lovely Electric Wine Opener by Ozeri to review.

I'm used to hand corking each wine bottle cork and pulling it out. With this opener its super easy and takes a few seconds. It comes with a charger that the opener sits in. You can plug it in or remove the charger cord and have it just  sit in the charger if you don't want the wire to hang out. I charged mine overnight a good 10 hours and it was fully charged.

How it works is you place the opener over the bottle of wine. After you have removed the foil. This set comes with a foil cutter and a wine aerator so you have both at  hand. Just place the opener over the bottle of wine and press the down arrow on the opener. Make sure not to go all the way down the cork because this will make it harder to remove. You only need to go down enough to be able to pull the cork out.

Once you have done that you simply pull. To remove the cork you grab the cork at the bottom and press the up arrow button.  If you put the corkscrew down too far it will be hard to remove it. If you do just use something to grab onto the cork while you press on the up arrow button.

When you're done you just place it back on the charger. Because its slim design it doesn't take up much counter space at all. I set mine to the left of my sink. It looks really modern, isn't flashy and blends in well with kitchen.

It says with a fully charged battery that it should open 80 bottles of wine. I haven't quite gotten there yet but wish me luck! At least you don't have to constantly charge it after each use. You could probably toss it in the picnic basket and go!

You can find this wine opener on Amazon HERE. As of now they are still in stock and available to ship before Christmas.

*I received a sample of the Ozeri Wine Opener in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

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