Thursday, November 26, 2015

JS Lighting Voice-Activated Laser Review

I've already put up my Christmas tree. I know its a bit early but I really couldn't help myself. This year I decided to spice things up a bit by trying some Holiday Lighting. I found a great laser by JS Lighting that has green and red laser stars which is of course perfect for me. The best part is that it is Voice-Activated. There is also a setting for Music, so the strobe hits on the beat. 

There seems to be at least 3 ways of mounting this. It has a handle, 3 bendable feet, and a sort of clip on the bottom. It is surprisingly light and it is a bright metallic blue color. You can aim this either at the ceiling or at the wall. You could probably even do the floor. The colors are mainly red and green. Perfect for Holiday celebrations or parties. It's actually rather small in size. The green and red lights are in the shape of star. I think they look like snowflakes. If you put the motor on very slow and the Stroboflash off it is a really nice slow light show. There are four main controls on the back.

Motor Controller - you can control how fast the motor spins even coming to a full stop.
Music/Auto - You can run this to play on auto or music which will respond to voice or music beats.
Stroboflash Controller- You can control the speed of the Stroboflash (Flashing) with this button.
Stroboflash/ON/OFF- You can set it to on (Constant), OFF, or Stroboflash (Flashing).

I found that if you face this towards the ceiling you get the greatest coverage. It covered about 20 feet of my living room. You just need to make sure you mount it in the right spot with the most coverage and no interference from objects or people. I tested it against my white house on the outside and it really showed up nicely on the light surface and really nice at night. I personally enjoyed it on a slower spinning motor and a slower Stroboflash setting but the voice activated faster settings are perfect for music parties.

Check the Voice-Activated Laser by JS Lighting out on amazon HERE. #mantianxing

*I received a discount on the JS Lighting Voice-Activated Laser in exchange for writing this blog post. All opinions are my own.


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