Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Snug Plug n Play Kids Headphones Review

* I was provided a sample of Snug Plug n Play Kids Headphones in order to provide a review of my honest opinions.

Snug Plug n Play Kids Headphones  

In my quest to make sure my upcoming 16 hour drive with my two year old twins would go smoothly I sought out some trip tips. I discovered the most repeated advice was to make sure I take headphones. Headphones? Ear buds obviously don't work on a toddler, and I didn't have any "kids" gadgets at all. When I was offered the opportunity to sample the Snug Plug n Play Kids Headphones I thought "What Perfect Timing!".  When I got to the order page I was stuck in between pink and purple. I have one twin that loves purple and figured  I would order that color because its so unique. I have a hard time finding tech gadgets in that color at all. So purple the color was, I ordered them and they arrived promptly.

She totally knew how to use them!

The trip was the first for me and the girls. I thought an ipad would help provide entertainment. And it did that was until Elmo promptly led one of the girls to throw up. She was carsick. And the video was not helping. She was cranky understandably but her sister was fussy. I was able to connect these headphones to a tablet and sick sister didn't even know that she was watching Elmo.

Super soft ear covers

I tried these on myself and they fit me. They are adjustable and fit from age 3+ so while they say kids, they will be able to grow into them without having to buy a new pair. The speakers have 40mm driver units so the sound quality is pretty decent. They don't go up too loud so you don' t have to worry about ear damage with these.  They are compatible with any 3.5 mm jack with a 1.2m cord.. I used it with my phone, pc and the ipad so I know they were plug and play with each of those devices. I have had headphones not recognized by devices before which basically rendered it useless but these worked on everything I tried them on.

These headphones are also available in the following colors shown:

Some Features:

  • Universal headphones designed specially with kids in mind - these plug into anything!
  • Compatible with iPod, iPhone, iPad, PSP, LeapPad, Nintendo DS and all other electronic devices with a standard headphone jack
  • No more video game noises or phone notifications - these headphones provide peace and quiet for you, while your kids plug in and play
  • Thick, single-side cable that's prepared for heavy use and minimizes tangling
  • Tough, durable plastic construction - designed with kids in mind!

 You can pick these headphones up at HERE.