Sunday, September 13, 2015

Save-A-Lot Back-To-School Tips + Giveaway

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Its that time again, school has started and you are so caught up in clothing, school, classes and everything else that you forget about setting up lunch ideas for the kids. If your kids are anything like mine they are the pickiest eaters on the planet. I'm going to share some ideas on how to make regulars like Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches look cool. And by cool , I mean cool enough to eat!

Please note that prices may vary from location to location.

I stopped by my Taft, CA location to check the store out and I must admit it is looking very nice these days. The staff caught me staring at the produce section asking if I needed help I am sure they thought I was a little goofy. I mean seriously who stares at bananas taking pictures unless you are a Minion from Despicable Me.  As you can see from the picture below the produce is looking great! Fresh and the selection is looking good too.  I love how all the green bananas are on the right.

To snag my ingredients for the PB&J's I headed to get some Panner Peanut Butter and Bramley's Jelly. A regular old PB&J can be rather boring for kids. So I borrowed some sandwich cutters to enhance the appearance and see if it made a difference. I have no idea where to get these folks but I know they exist so you may want to do a google search to find them. My kids eat around crusts anyway so these are great for getting them inspired about what they are eating. Its pretty easy to use. Ok so the Tie Fighter PB & J version didn't turn out so hot but that turkey version turned out great. It seems the more intricate the sandwich cutter the harder it is to make it perfect. But I don't think the kiddos cared because they were just interested in what I was doing and checked the sandwiches out because they were something fun and new. I would say it was a win.

  • Gather your sandwich cutter. 
  • Make your sandwich. 
  • Place the sandwich cutter directly over your sandwich.
  • Press down, peel (or cut) away the crust and you have your fancy sandwich. 
If you are especially gifted you can attempt to carve out your own unique designs! Be creative!

You can use it to make just about any kind of sandwich art you desire. Seeing the honey on the shelf reminded me of old times as a kid when I made honey and PB sandwiches. YUM. You can even cut your cheese sticks to go along with your theme such as cheese lightsabers.  You could turn the Millenium Falcon sideways and make a face with raisins and cheese.

For a quick snack with items you might already have in the home. I took J. Higgs crackers and Panner Hazel Nutter to make a sandwich cookie. You can also switch it up using half Panner Peanut Butter & half Panner Hazel Nutter or even just the classic peanut butter. Reminds me of the days when I would take a chocolate bar and dip it into a jar of peanut butter. My kids love these crackers from J. Higgs. They would probably eat them with anything on top but especially so with the Hazel Nutter. You could do less Hazel Nutter and put a few of these in sandwich bags for a snack.

They have a great price on Coburn farms yogurt and their String Cheese is perfect for snacks.  Its a go to for my girls and they always eat cheese. I will often take Coburn yogurt, some juice and water mixed together to make a great smoothie if the girls don't feel like eating yogurt. And they sell these great Bio Salud! probiotic boosters that are great for adding to your smoothies.

The Kiggins Frosty Flakes were under $2 and taste great! 
If you are like my family your kids wake up hungry. Moms always have a ton of things going on and we can't always make fancy breakfasts. Save-A-Lot had some great choices for quick breakfasts from Kiggins Cereal, Morning Delight Toaster Pastries, Oatmeal and Grits.  And I did pick up the Chocolate Fudge  Morning Delight Toaster Pastries and they taste like brownies to me. Literally taste like brownies. And for $1.99 I am in love.

Enter to win your own $25 Gift Card so you too can get your shopping groove on. Tell me why you want to win in the comments  and then enter in the rafflecopter form below.

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*#sweeps I'm required to disclose a working relationship between our site and Save-A-Lot. This could include Save-A-Lot providing us with content, product, access or other forms of payment.  


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  4. I struggle on being adventurous with my meals. I'm a creature of habit and like to stick with the same ole meal.

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  6. I have struggles making healthy meals.

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  8. I just don't like to cook! Thanks for the giveaway.