Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Danish Dough Whisk Review

I was provided a sample of the Danish Dough Whisk by Kitchen Simple in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

 I have been doing a ton of baking lately. And starting out as a beginner baker means there are always new things I'm coming across that I am not familiar with. I have honestly never heard of a Danish Dough whisk. But as soon as I saw the design I was intrigued and knew that this might be what I was looking for.

Danish Dough Whisk by Kitchen Simple

I have been making all kinds of dough from bread to pastry. Using a traditional whisk is impossible. The insides fill up with the dough. The whisk itself bends because it really isn't built to mix dough. But this handy little Dough Whisk is perfect for doing just that. The handle is long and sturdy. You can get a nice strong grip on it for mixing dough. By the unique design it basically melts right through the dough in order to mix it up. I typically use a silicone spatula with a long handle to mix my bread doughs, but using this whisk it took less time. It was also really easy to sift my dry ingredients before blending with wet ingredients.

Genius Design
Despite the design it actually washes off very easily when rinsed. Didn't take me but 15 seconds to completely rinse off all dough and then a quick wash and dry. It was actually much easier than I had expected. For what you get this secret weapon is perfect for any baker from beginner to advanced. If they haven't heard of it yet pick one up I promise that they will love it. Since I have had it I have already used it to make 2 birthday cakes for the girls, a test cake, cookies, and brownies. It also works great for whipping up frosting.  I've used it every time I have baked since I have gotten it.

Have you heard of a Danish Dough Whisk? Apparently I have been living under a rock and haven't ever heard of it so if you live under a rock too let me know.

You can find it HERE

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