Thursday, February 12, 2015

3-in-1 Cree LED Flashlight with Magnetized Base by AYL Review

 I was provided a sample by AYL in order to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.

Ok I know it seems odd that someone can get excited about a flashlight but seriously I'm super excited. Why? Well I got this AYL LED Cree XP-E Flashlight and I am totally in love with it. Why have all flashlights ever made designed this way. I Know my excitement has you amped up to know WHY is she ranting and raving about a flashlight? Some highlights below.

  • Cree, White & Flashing Red 
  • Magnetic Base
  • 3 AAA Batteries
  • Bulbs last 100,000 hours
  • Weather Resistant Anodized Aluminum

Well its a normal flashlight but it also has 2 other features, which is why its the 3-in-1. With the click of a button you turn on the traditional flashlight. Click it again and the side light comes on. Side light? What?  In the photos you can see down the side of the flashlight shaft is a series of LED lights that give a side illumination. Alternately the back side of the flashlight does not. This is if you need light but not directly in a certain direction. Click it a 3rd time and the red led lights come on. Perfect for an emergency or just a light show in your tent late at night. The last bonus feature is the magnet on the end of the flashlight. Anywhere there is sufficient metal you can just simply place it onto say the refrigerator or metal desk, car, bike, etc., turn it on and you have light.

Now I have carried this flashlight around everywhere. In the backyard where its dark. In the front yard. Sitting at my desk late at night and using it as a temporary lantern. Just turn it on set it up and you can see perfectly well enough to do any task.  I even left it on once for hours by mistake and the batteries were still going! I'm going to say that the battery consumption is pretty low because the batteries I was using were cheap dollar store batteries and although the light was diminished the amount of hours it was left on and still working was impressive.

The size of this flashlight is perfect it is not huge nor too small. Its a good size in your hand and it does illuminate well if you are walking on a path and need light.  The body is made of anodized aluminum so its pretty sturdy. The bulbs are said to last for 100,000 hours so shouldn't need to replace for a long time. 

Check this flashlight out HERE.


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