Monday, January 26, 2015

Orkin Bed Bug Feud Game & Giveaway

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Play the Bed Bug Feud and beat the clock to make the leaderboard! 

Yes that's right Orkin is back with another app! They have given me one CleanRest Pillow encasement to giveaway so you can sleep tighter knowing that Bed Bugs won't be biting.  I apparently am not an authority figure on Bed Bugs my score was 145 did you beat me? I also sorta panicked when I had a timer countdown to answer so when you hit start be ready to enter your answers quick.If you need help scroll down and check out the "Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite" info sheet below which I suggest you check out before you start game. Scroll down to the bottom to enter to win the Giveaway. Good Luck!

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Best Camping Lantern the AYL StarLight 330 Review

* I was provided with a sample to facilitate a review, all opinions are my own.
This lamp came at the perfect time. During winter months the power often goes out due to bad weather.  The lantern I currently have is made by a large brand name company but it does not give off a bright light and it also eats batteries like they are going out of style. I was frustrated with my lantern and was thinking of buying a new one when the opportunity to review the AYL StarLight 330 300 Lumens LED Ultra Bright Lantern.

Just before I ordered this I had my Lantern not turn on just after putting new batteries in it. I'd only used it a handful of times. It didn't really light much anyway. So when I got this AYL Starlight Lantern and took it out of the box I was super impressed. It outperforms my leading brand name lantern by far. First I'll just say it, the looks are so much more handsome on this lantern than my old one. Second its LED. Third it takes D batteries instead of AA so you know its going to last longer than 10 minutes. In fact I turned this on and left it on by accident for 20 minutes and it was still going strong. It has 3 settings You click it once and it turns on, click it twice it is on HIGH, click it three times and its on flash/emergency setting.

It has a hook on the bottom and handle on the top. You can hang it by the hook on the bottom. If you don't need the extra light than just hang it from the handle on top or set it on top of something. I really like the rubber sealing around the lantern. Its grippy and good for holding in rain, it protects against the elements is water resistant and it looks nice. In comparison my old lantern is nowhere near as nice looking and its not nearly as comfortable to hold.

Now that this has arrived, one of the features really got put to use is the blinking light. In the winter months the power frequently goes out which is why I have a lantern handy. I had just received this and put batteries in it and set it aside when a day later the power went out at night. It was pitch black, and I turned to grab my lantern and I instantly found it. This light lets you find the lantern in the dark easily just like I did, but it also lets you know if your batteries are dead and need to be replaced. It doesn't take much battery life at all. Just one more safety feature.

The brightness of the lantern is pretty impressive. It goes pretty far but on HIGH its rather bright. It would be great for luminating areas while camping or working outside at night. Otherwise the regular setting is perfect for camping and lighting up a tent. Overall I recommend this lantern for the length of life for the LED bulb which lists at 100,000 hours & 300 lumens. On a full set of batteries it says over 6 days. Which is rather impressive.

Check out the lantern HERE.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Pure Body Naturals Lemon Oil

* I received a free sample in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own

 I am on this big DIY essential oil kick. I have super sensitive skin and I've been experimenting with making my own products for awhile. Pure Body Naturals asked me to review this lemon oil and I was very excited to go ahead and add Lemon Oil to my list of DIY ingredients.

When I first started looking into what I could do with Lemon Oil I was pretty floored by all the options and things that it was recommended for. So I will cover a few that I found interesting enough to try. There are literally dozens more recommended uses for it so feel free to Google it on your own.

Disinfectant: I am allergic to certain chemical cleaners. So adding a combination of tea tree oil and lemon oil to 16 oz of water add a splash of white vinegar in a spray bottle makes a nice kitchen counter disinfectant/cleaner.

Facial Cleanser: I have used orange oil facial cleansers and regular oil facial cleansers but you can also use Lemon Oil as a facial cleanser. Grab your baking soda and some honey and drop a couple drops of lemon oil and you have your facial cleanser recipe right there, and it won't cost you a fortune. OR a visit to the spa.

Got Sticky? Use this as a natural goo remover. Got sticker sticky left over? Or gum stuck in the hair or on the carpet? Use this to help dissolve the sticky offender and remove the gum residue from the surface.

Body Wash: Ok, so this one is my favorite I took some Organic Castile Soap as a base and added Lemon Oil and Peppermint Oil to make my own Lemon Mint Body Wash. Pure Body Naturals also makes a Peppermint Oil that you can find HERE. This made a citrus minty refreshing body wash that was awesome. You can also add your Lemon Oil to any body wash and add a lemon scent to the existing scent or you can purchase a more neutral body wash and add your own scents. Mix and match and create your own.

Lemon Dr Pepper? I am a Dr Pepper fan vs the "others" so when I enthusiastically used 3 drops I underestimated the 100% pure lemon oil that this lemon is. You only need one drop, and that goes for the water too. One is plenty. Use whatever soda you like even Sprite to lemon it up. This means that this 4oz bottle is going to last me a good long time.

 Daily Glass of Lemon Water: A drop in a glass of water every day. I have heard this is good for your digestive system.  I've also heard it speeds up your metabolism. Either way its not bad tasting at all. I normally add lemon juice so using this was just as easy. Just add a drop or two in your water to taste and drink away.

 Toothpaste: Say what? Yes Toothpaste. I actually have tried a natural toothpaste that comes in an oil form and you drop it on your toothbrush. When I looked at the ingredients it was just essential oils and coconut oil. So add some lemon oil, coconut oil and baking soda and voila a fancy diy natural toothpaste that you can take anywhere and use anywhere such as camping.

You can check out Pure Body Naturals Lemon Oil HERE.