Friday, October 24, 2014

Smart Weigh 500 x 0.01g Digital Pro Pocket Scale Review

Smart Weigh 500 Digital Pro Pocket Scale

A scale is a scale, right? Thats all I thought they did was just weigh things. But I really had no idea all things a scale can do.  This scale by Smart Weigh can basically weigh anything. When I was asked to review it I figured that it was just like any other scale. But I learned a lot so I'm very impressed with it. I was surprised at all the features it had. Its not just for mail!

This scale can weight gemstones, diamonds or any other precious stones easily. If you put the scale on the CT setting you can weigh diamonds, gold to one hundredth of a gram. The PCS Function which counts all the piecse youre weighing is another feature to help make your job easier.

Now this is probably what I use this scale for most. I live in a remote area and I rarely can make it to the local post office. I often need to send a heavy letter or package but im not sure what the amount will be. Thats where this comes in handy. It will weigh your package or mail and allow you to manually figure out your postage yourself. That way you save money knowing exactly what the cost will be. I used to just slap on a bunch of stamps just to be sure but now I don't have to.

In the kitchen
I never thought I would NEED to have a scale in the kitchen. That was until I met Green Tea Matcha Powder. When I received it I just eyeballed it into my recipe and discovered a wide eyed short time later that I had used WAY too much in my baking. Like 3 times too much! Had I used this scale to measure out my ingredients properly I wouldn't have had to toss that batch. Its also a great way to measure portions if you are watching your intake.

What? I know right? I had no idea! If you are a pharmacist or caretaker that handles medicine this little scale can do it all. It has a unique PCS Function that accurately counts the amount of tablets you are weighing. You can fill prescriptions in a jiffy no need to count each individual tab. Using four precision sensors it provides you with accurate readings. The hold Function locks the weight reading on the screen.

I've never had a scale like this. It was easy to change modes, it was slim small and actually handsome. My last scale was difficult to figure out and didn't have the option of multiple modes. I love that it comes with 2 plastic protective covers that double as expansion trays. I had no idea thats what these were and when I found out I was super jazzed. I can use the trays when weighing my Green Tea Matcha Powder without worrying about it getting all over and inside the scale. I love my scale and its definitely replacing my old scale.

This scale features 6 modes. g, oz, ozt, dwt, gn or ct. Featuring a beautiful stainless steel platform and chrome buttons. It also has rubber grips on the bottom for stability so your scale isn't sliding about while weighing.  The capacity for this scale is 500 grams with a wide measuring range so this little scale packs a punch. This scale features a blue LCD backlit display making it easy to see in daylight or in dim lighting. Takes 2 AA batteries and has an auto shutoff feature so you don't waste your battery.
If you would like to check out the Smart Weigh Digital Pro Pocket Scale click HERE.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Sticky Suction Car Mount by iGotTech Review

I have reviewed other phone stands in the past. So when iGotTech asked me to review this one I figured it would just be another regular car mount. But this mount is the best mount I have ever used. Instead of a magnet or a holder, this mount uses sticky suction. It also rotates, and can be used vertically or horizontally. Attaching the mount to the surface was way easier than I imagined. That clip you see is opened and closed until a suction strong enough is created and then you close it. As you can see from my image above, there are several ways you can use your device with this mount.

Removing this mount is easy. It also doesn't leave any residue on the surface or on your device. I was very surprised that I was able to remove and remount my device several times without having to clean the sticky part. I assumed dust and debris in the air would get it dirty in between but I haven't had to wash it since I have had it. But if you do get it dirty just wash it clean and its good to go for 1000+ washes.

Plus the best thing is you don't HAVE to use this in your car. You definitely can and it would be easy to mount anywhere you have a clean surface. But I see more possibilities than the car. Bedside table, Kitchen tabletop, Patio table, Desk or even bathroom countertop. It can go anywhere.

They currently offer a crazy satisfaction guarantee when you purchase one. I know they are very passionate about their products. You can read more about their Guarantee and/or purchase one HERE. Tell me what you would put on your iGotTech Sticky Suction Car Mount.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Landscape Staples Review

I got these for my new garden, but since its fall, I may have to wait till next year to do my complete garden. I do have some leftover starter plants though and for the purpose of this review I will share my experience. I was very glad that Darn Good Products asked me to review their Landscape Staples.

I have a ton of fencing and wiring because my dogs notoriously like to trample any garden I have if they can. I also have wild rabbits that somehow get through our fence. On one side it is wired so thats probably where they are entering from. I noticed that the leaf of my cucumber plant was already chewed off. So in an attempt to ward off my rascally rabbits I used these Garden Staples. They were perfect and just what I needed. They are just the right length at 6" to hold into the ground strong. Just using my hand I could only get it about 3 inches into the soil. I recommend using a rubber mallet to pound them in but I'm sure you could use a hammer or other tool. They did not even bend at all while inserting them into soil and whacking them in.

 They are made from extra sturdy steel so they won't bend in normal soil. The ends are sharp so its easier to insert. You don't have to use these just for rabbit fencing, they have a variety of uses. Landscaping fabric installations, weed barriers, pet fences, artificial turf, irrigation pipe, erosion control products and whatever else you need. I also like that they come with 100 Staples. That way I know I have enough for whatever project I am working on.

These would be perfect as I mentioned for landscaping fabric. I currently have some attached to a unit for shading and the ends flap in the wind. It is perfect for attaching it to the ground to ensure it doesn't move in the wind. You could also use these as markers. Or cosmetically as a marker with tape and writing each row seeded contents.

I tried to yank the staple out after I had inserted it. It isn't going anywhere. I was very impressed with how sturdy, and convenient these Landscape Staples are. If you would like to purchase some check them out at the link below. They also have a money back guarantee you can read more about.  Tell me what kind of project you would use these on in the comments below.


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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Best for my Pets Bully Sticks Promo Review

Bully Sticks!

First off my dogs were very excited when this package arrived. I don't know if they knew that I was asked to review Bully Sticks or not but boy they knew it the second I received it in the mail. I hadn't even sat down when sure enough Moxie was right there at my feet. Shoving her snout into my leg to let me know she wanted one. But Moxie how do you know you want one when you have never even had a Bully Stick? Apparently she just KNEW!

Bodhi can't wait and  snatches it out of my hands! 

All Natural , 100% Pure Beef I feel really good giving these to my dogs. Plus they didn't inhale them in 30 seconds like they normally do.  They are made of dried muscle, are Gluten-Free and Grain-Free which is 100% digestible.  Grain-Free is very important for Bodhi because he has a Grain allergy. Almost all of the major treats on the market contain grains of some sort. Especially the biscuits. These are Chemical Free, High in Protein,  and promote Oral Health. Plus these treats actually took them a bit to get through.

 Both dogs really enjoyed them and come running if I even rustle the bag just a little bit. I'm definitely impressed with these Bully Sticks. They lasted longer than a typical dog treat, they are safe of grains so I can feed them to both. Overall I would definitely buy them again. You can watch Moxie chew on her Bully Stick while my cat yawns in extreme boredom.

Right now they have a great guarantee for every purchase. You can read more about them on the link below as well as purchasing the Best for my Pets Bully Sticks.


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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Children 'N Us Stroller Organizer Review

I have been lugging around a massive diaper bag. Its huge and I really didn't know what I was missing until Children 'N Us asked me to review their Stroller Bag.

Adjustable Straps
 My diaper bag does not fit onto my stroller properly and you kind of have to force it onto the arms. With this Stroller bag it comes with adjustable straps. Whether you need it long or short this bag will accomodate your stroller. How awesome is that? Adjusting it to your stroller was easy, just adjust each strap to the length and tightness you prefer. This makes it easier to transfer to other objects as well. Want to go from Stroller to Bike? Just take off and readjust. Instead of having one long strap that will wobble about it has 2 straps on either end. By having them both adjustable it keeps the bag stable so you don't have to worry about it wobbling about and things spilling over.

What does it hold?
There are insulated spots for 2 bottles or sippy cups. There is a pocket for your cell phone. There is an external pocket for an extra cloth or pacifiers. Inside theres also a zippered pocket for your keys or anything else you want tucked away. The inside will hold enough diapers and wipes for any short trip you are taking. When I went through my massive diaper bag I found things I didn't even know I had in there! I totally had way more stuff than I needed. But what also impressed me was how versatile it is. You don't have to use it on just a stroller. What puts this bag over the top for me though, is the double adjustable straps. A must have feature for me.

Different ways to use the Children 'N Us Premium Stroller Organizer:

  • On your bicycle
  • On the back of your car seat
  • -Let your kids grab their own drinks
  • -Let them grab their own toys
  • On a stroller
  • On YOU!

Tell me what you are using or used for your stroller bag. If you could change or design your own stroller bag what would you do. If it was up to me I would have a grocery store gps where it would automatically tell me what aisle and what row to get a certain product but now I'm off topic.  Want to check out the Children 'N Us Stroller Bag? Click below to learn more. Plus right now they are advertisingGET A FREE COPY OF OUR EBOOK FROM MOM TO MOM WITH EVERY ORDER" .


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2 Majestic Bombay Dog Dental Tools Review

As an avid blogger I love it when things cross your path that are just what you've been looking for. When I was asked to review the Majestic Bombay Dog Dental tools I was glad because I have been needing something like this for some time. 
Majestic Bombay Dog Dental Tools

So I have tried everything, dental chews, dental sticks, everything that says it will end tartar on your dog's teeth. But nevertheless there was always a buildup of it on their teeth. If you want a professional to clean them its hundreds of dollars. I don't want him to have nubs when hes old so what can I do to help him out? I used to actually scrape off what I could with my fingernail which is not only gross but not very ideal. I ordered these guys and I began inspecting my dogs teeth.

As you can see in this picture you can see some buildup at the gum line. Now obviously if your dog has red, swollen, bleeding or eroded gums please take your dog to the vet. Also if he has a very bad rotten smell coming from his mouth. All of those are not good. I also suggest brushing your dogs teeth as well if possible. But as long as your dog will let you use this tool you can safely remove some built up tartar and save yourself the extra cost of visiting the doggie dental office. 

You don't have to use force, I was able to simply scrape softly and the tool did the work. Just placing it on the tooth and rubbing up and down got the plaque off. As long as your dog is willing to let you work on his mouth then using this tool should be no problem. I was very impressed at how easily the plaque came off. I suggest placing the scraping tool at the gumline and scraping downwards. 

Some of the features are:

  • 6-1/2-Inch Double Headed Pet Tartar Remover
  • Mirror features .85"diameter real glass for superior clarity
  • Non-slip Knurled Handle Ensures Accuracy and Comfort
  • All Stainless Steel
  • Wash and Dry after Each Use

These are very economical so even if you aren't sure if it will work, its not a huge investment. 

Tell me what you are doing to help your dog keep his teeth healthy!?


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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Adovia Natural Sulfur Soap with Dead Sea Salt Review

I was provided a sample of Adovia Soap in exchange for my honest opinion.

I  was asked to review Adovia's  Natural Sulfur Soap Bar. I love nice soap. My dad used to buy bulk soap bars like Irish Spring and still this day theres a 24 pack of it still sitting there. My mother recently visited me and opened one up. Apparently this is an old school thing. Most of us have moved on to gels or foams or liquid soaps. But I only like the good stuff soaps. And yes as always Adovia hasn't disappointed me. Please note that this soap is specifically for Acne prone, oily skin and is not recommended for dry or sensitive skin.

This bar of soap contains minerals and sulfur from the Dead Sea. It helps to balance your moisture with Olive Oil, Dead Sea Minerals and Aloe Vera extract. Sulfur has Antiseptic, Anti-Fungal and Antibacterial properties. This bar of soap has a 3% Sulfur content. It cleanses your face and body but still leaves your skin feeling smooth.

It has steadily been over 100 degrees this summer and as a result I have had more breakouts than normal. I liked using this bar because I can simply just wash with it either my face or my body. It does not get mushy like regular soap does. It stays nice and hard so the bar should last you a long time. It also doesn't feel like theres any leftover residue. I know when I use regular bar soap it leaves me feeling not so clean. This stuff really does leaving your skin feeling completely clean and ready to moisturize.  I know it says its not for sensitive skin, but I have chemical allergies and this didn't bother my skin at all. I suppose the Sulfur may bother some skin types.

If you would like to check it out for purchase click on the link below. Do you prefer gels(body wash), liquid soaps, foams or bars of soap? Let me know in the comments.


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.