Friday, June 13, 2014

Sharp Shredda Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher Review

I received this as part of an advertorial and was not paid. all opinions are my own. 

Sharp Shredda  Grinder

Grinders! I have the pleasure of reviewing the Sharp Shredda Grinder. You can use this to grinder for medicinal herbs, tobacco, spices and coffee. Someone recently gave me a plastic grinder. I knew from looking at it that it wasn't going to perform. Its teeth were tapered down like spikes and  when I attempted to grind it basically made a mess fell apart and I had to use my fingers anyway.


Now with this Sharp Shredda Grinder: its not plastic, nice heavyweight It is made of Ultra Hardened Aircraft Grade Anodised Aluminum. So I'm pretty sure its better than my plastic grinder. It is made of 4 seperate pieces. There's only one thread so the other pieces just lift out of each other. The lid has a magnet that keeps it  on tightly.  It's 2" wide which is rather small in comparison to some of the larger grinders, but quite honestly this can take it and spit it out much faster because of the fact that its smaller. The rotation of it fluffs it in just a few turns and I'm not even kidding. No sticking of herbs to the teeth.


The speed at which this grinds is unbelievable. I put a gram of herbs inside and it was dust in seconds. The ease at which it performs is impressive. I thought it had gotten stuck because I felt no resistance when turning, but I opened it up and it was already ground. The design of the teeth is unique I haven't seen a grinder like this one before. 


Pollen Screen: The amount that this screen captures is impressive. Within a few uses there was enough to scrape up and use. It is also  made of stainless steel and is non-fraying. The screen also just lifts out it doesn't screw in and it comes with a nice scraper. There were absolutely NO metal shavings that I could find after several uses. No needs to worry about that. It also has Neodymium Magnets which keep the lid and the bottom part close together.  Now the best part, its looks. This thing looks awesome. I love the white script across the top that reads Sharp Shredda Grinders Co. It looks classy and way nicer than any other grinder I have seen on the market.


It does list this grinder as a 2" grinder so I knew it when I ordered it that it was on the smaller size. After using it I have come to the conclusion that it grinds a gram pretty efficiently and if you are doing double digit grams then you should probably go for something more industrial. The great thing is it easily fits in your pocket   or  bag no problem.    

Now that you want to know where to get your own, click below and start shopping.

Sharp Shredda Grinder on Amazon

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