Friday, April 25, 2014

Purex Crystals Dryer Sheets Lavender Blossom

Soo, I am pretty sure that this was an air freshener if I didn't know any better because, I unboxed this and set it aside. I sat down and said to myself,  "Wow, it really smells like lavendar in here". This box of dryer sheets just refreshed my living room! Haha! Stick it under the table and honestly it would completely spruce up your smelling space. 

There are 2 scents, Fresh Spring Water and Lavender Blossom. I haven't tried Fresh Spring Water yet, but my personal preference is always Lavender. I find it relaxing and calming.  These sheets dont just reduce static cling and leave your clothing smelling amazing but they also like I mentioned earlier act as a fantastic air freshener I'm not even joking. Try tucking one in a hamper, in the linen closet and in any other laundry or clothing storage areas/bins/closets. 

  • 30 days of long-lasting freshness
  • Reduces Static Cling
  • Repels pet hair and lint
The last one does it for me. I have 2 dogs and 4 cats, there is always hair everywhere. So the fact that it can help me out when I decide to wear black cotton tee shirts, is a huge plus. 

To celebrate the release of the NEW Purex Crystals Dryer Sheets, the Purex brand will be hosting a Sweepstakes. One Grand prize winner will receive $500 and a year's supply of Purex Crystals Dryer Sheets while 50 2nd place winners will receive a coupon for free Purex Crystals Dryer Sheets!  Enter at the link below. 

Purex Crystals Dryer Sheets Sweepstakes
Contest Ends May 9th , 2014.

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The Purex brand provided me with a sample of Purex Crystals Dryer Sheets in exchange for a product review. However all the opinions are my own.