Friday, March 7, 2014

Shopper Incite

Shopper Incite Shopping Planner

If you are like me you have a ton of coupons in your purse. I save coupons and use them to save money. It's expensive to have a family and my twins are always needing something. If I were to show you my purse it would be full of envelopes of coupons. I try to sort them I really do but to be honest they are just all over the place.  Different sized ones, different dates of expiration, different types of items. I really wish they'd all come in a book and a cover so that it would just make it easier to deal with.

Meal Planner, Schedular and Shopping List
 Well I have now found a great Shopping Planner called Shopper Incite that does just this very thing. This Shopping Planner for New Moms is a free gift. No more clipping, cutting or organizing coupons that expire before you use them. This little book keeps everything organized in one spot so you are together wherever you go. This book keeps a focus on providing a coupon for each category that a mom would need. In the back is a great spot for shopping lists, planning meals, taking notes. I don't know how many times I have mentally made a shopping list and left it at home. I forgot to get replacement bags for the diaper genie trust me I wish I had this at the time.

Loving the Brands! 
 I was also surprised to see the great group of brands that have participated. Many of the coupons inside were for items I currently purchase, and some of the best brands too! I just love that its filled with tips, such as scheduling "ME" time. This is so important and it just reminds you to take care of yourself.  They  mail one of these out every quarter to each house that signs up. So I'm telling you to SIGN UP!  

  • Keep it in your Purse OR Diaper Bag!
  • Stay Organized with writing space for shopping lists & Meal Planning.
  • Great tips and recipes for busy new moms


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