Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar & Stain Remover Review and Giveaway!

If you are like me and have been using a liquid stain remover, well this is something that you definitely need to check out. I'm sort of a clutz and I have lost or broken or spilled countless bottles of liquid stain remover. Even now, I have a bottle and its new and the nozzle is broken. In order to use it I have to unscrew the broken nozzle and pour it on the stain, which I always pour too much. With Fels-Naptha none of those problems are an issue. Because its basically a laundry bar. It looks like a soap  bar and you use it to rub into your stain just like you would with the liquid stain remover.

 I have never used a laundry bar and found it quite neat to use, It's been around for over 100 years so you know its a tried and true product. In the picture below you can see the bar on top of the box.

  • No broken nozzles
  • No liquid loss from overusing your liquid stain remover
  • No plastic spray bottle waste
  • Longer lasting than the liquid stain removers 

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There is also a great sweepstakes that is taking place thru the August 28th.  

One winner will win the  $500 grand prize and 119 second place winners will receive a coupon for a free bar of Purex Fels-Naptha Laundry bar. Thats 120 winners for every year Fels-Naptha has been helping remove America's toughest stains! 

Now go ahead and enter to win one of 3 coupons for a Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar from Desert Firefly!  

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  1. my mom teach me to treat any stain immediately with water with no pressure and no direct heat .

  2. it depend on the kind of stain i use vinegar for Coffee , tea
    Tomato,Mustard Stains

  3. i don't wash clothes if there is stain on it i remove the stain then wash the clothes
    i use Lemon juice, Baking soda

  4. it is easy to get out the stain from clothes or the rug or carpet
    i like the fels-naptha how it fast and easy clear and remove the chocolate stain , for the carpet i use stain magic it is not that good but it is work the best way to clean carpet is the steam carpet cleaning

  5. I use the same liquid detergent to pre treat stains, Thank you for the chance to win!