Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bear Grylls Get Out Alive Giveaway

 I was so excited when I heard Bear Grylls had a new show I couldn't wait for the first episode. The first season of GET OUT ALIVE with Bear Grylls is on and a new episode aired last night. I'll try to avoid spoilers but its just such a good show I totally want to give my opinion on everything and every team on there. Instead of a survival show that he normally hosts and stars in himself, each week there are sets of teams of two. They each compete under FOOD, SHELTER or OBSTACLE. Each team then is responsible for the food all of them eat, the shelter or whatever Obstacle Bear gives them. They must catch most of their food, along with rice and beans. Last night they ate eel. Bear then evaluates each of the contestants based on if they would GET OUT ALIVE. He dismisses one team at the end of each episode. As usual theres couples, siblings, father/daughter team, and Best Friends. As each team gets picked off another team has the chance to win a Fiest Pit which is basically everything on the menu at Chilis.  They get to bathe and clean up too. I generally enjoy the new show and think these bracelets are pretty darn handy. You never know when you need one, and I'd personally love to have anything from Bears line of products, which the contestants are always wearing in the show. He's got some nice stuff. So why not go ahead and try for a chance to win one of these!

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Watch amazing and action-packed GIFs from the show!

• Would YOU Get Out Alive? QUIZ -
Getting out alive means making split-second decisions when faced with danger in the wilderness. Test your knowledge of the great outdoors and see how you “bear up” to Bear Grylls’ wild wisdom!

• Get to Know the Contestants! VIDEO CLIPS -
Watch inspiring and entertaining clips of the contestants on the show. All have overcome huge obstacles in life and all are hoping to be crowned the winning duo of Get Out Alive!

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    1. Hey there Brown Bear I'm a Grizzly Bear :)

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  3. the one where they eat worms

  4. I'm a grizzly bear!

  5. I like the high five gif best!

  6. i miss this , i love the bear grylls bracelet i love the out side life and the bracelet very useful to survive out side sure with other things from bear grylls like the knife and others survival kit