Thursday, December 12, 2013

Blu-ray #MovieMagic GIVEAWAY

You Haven’t Seen Your Favorite Movie Until You’ve Seen the Special Features!
This Holiday rediscover the #MovieMagic behind your favorite films. Blu-ray offers exclusive special features that put you in the filmmaker’s chair, with a behind-the-scenes access to all of the magic: Special effects, talent interviews, alternative endings, unreleased scenes, bloopers, and more!
With a Blu-ray combo pack, you can enjoy your favorite films in high-definition whenever and wherever you want. You can keep the Blu-ray disc in the living room, DVD in the car, and the digital copy on your phone for when you’re on the move!
Grab your favorite movie lover a Blu-ray this holiday!

• With the combo pack you can take your favorite films wherever you go. You can keep the Blu-ray disc in the living room, DVD for the car, and the digital copy on your mobile phone while on the move!
• Blu-ray lets you to watch your favorite movies with unmatched sound and video that is SIX TIMES the quality of DVDs!
• Blu-ray offers the most premium possible in home entertainment experience
• You don’t have to worry about the buffering that happens with streaming videos

Winner will receive a copy of one of the following titles (chosen at random from the list below) to award one lucky reader!
• The Little Mermaid - Diamond Edition
• The Lone Ranger
• Monsters University
• Angels Sing
• Rise of The Guardians
• Despicable Me 2
• Turbo
• Grown Ups 2
• Wizard of Oz 3D
• The Wolverine
• Star Trek: Into Darkness
• White House Down
• Fast 6
• Pacific Rim
• After Earth
• Man of Steel
• Red 2
• World War Z
• 2 Guns
• Weeds: The Complete Collection
• Predator 3D

This one is pretty easy leave me a comment below, you will get one entry for each comment. Enter via the rafflecopter form below.

 • How many Blu-rays do YOU have in your collection? We want to know!!!
• Which Blu-ray would YOU love to get this holiday as a stocking stuffer?
• What are the most watched Blu-rays in YOUR collection?
• Which movies would YOU love to see re-mastered and re-released on Blu-ray?

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Each household is only eligible to win ONE #MovieMagic Title via blog reviews and giveaways. Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification. Giveaway open to the U.S. Blu-ray provided these materials to me to share with my readers. All opinions are my own. No P.O. Boxes.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Purex and Isotoner Sweepstakes

 Another great Sweepstakes to enter from Purex and Isotoner.
ISOTONER smarTouch gloves keep your hands warm while using your touch screen devices. Keep them bright and clean all winter long with Purex liquid detergent and WIN! You Can enter to WIN an iPad mini and a $500 Isotoner shopping spree!

Enter to win here Purex and Isotoner Sweepstakes

Don't forget to check out Purex on Facebook and Twitter

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ozeri Precision Digital Bath Scale

The New Ozeri Precision Digital Bath Scale (400 Lb Edition) With Widescreen LCD And Step-on Activation, In White

A bath scale isn't something you necessarily think of to decorate when you think about it. But this scale will change how you think about decorating the bathroom when you lay eyes on this scale. I received this scale and I must say It is gorgeous in person! I was expecting a much bigger and much wider scale for a model that weighs up to 400 lbs.`

Its very nice to have a scale that goes to 400 because I have had scales where they only go to 300 and certain members of my family are right on that limit so were unable to weigh properly.  It is actually a very elegant, modern looking scale.The fact that its made of tempered glass is even better because I feel safer with it. Its so gorgeous its like standing on stained glass! I have to say this is the nicest looking scale that I've ever seen. I previously wrote a review on the Ozeri WeightMASTER which I thought was totally cool because of the neat blue light. But this one really has stolen my attention away from the WeightMASTER.

I had recently been weighed using one of those huge ton machines at the drs office with the pegs they move from left to right. I was pretty sure of my current weight so I decided to test it out. It was very accurate, my other regular brand scale was off by about 7 lbs. Accurate weight is very important so that you can monitor your health especially if you live in a diabetes household like we do.

If you are looking for a stylish scale for your home, I definitely recommend this model. Easy to use, nice looking, tempered glass, will fit into either a classic styled home or modern.

I don't know where they hide the technology but this is so slim and sleek. 
  • Auto calibration technology that makes tracking your weight easy, right out of the box. 
  • Step-on Activation, your body weight is displayed immediately upon stepping onto the scale, with no tapping required to turn on or activate the scale. 
  • Accurately displays results in increments of 0.2 pounds or 0.1 kilograms on its easy to read widescreen LCD, and uses 4 G sensors to capture weights up to 400 lbs or 180 kg with industry leading accuracy. 
  • Convenient unit button that instantly changes the unit of measurement from pounds to kilograms and optionally British stones. 
  • Oversized platform, impact resistant tempered glass, and durable construction. 
  • Turns off automatically to conserve battery life, and runs on 1 Lithium 2032 battery (included) for the best in performance.

You can find out more about the Ozeri Precision Digital Bath Scale at the amazon link below.

*I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Moms, Win a Day Off Sweepstakes

 Moms Win a Day Off Sweepstakes

Calling All Moms — Win a Day Off!
Mothers, we salute you. You deserve a much-needed day off, and we’d like to provide it! We’ll have a maid service clean your house and do the laundry while you’re off getting a mani-pedi, hire a baby sitter to watch the kids, and have dinner delivered so you don’t have to cook! Enter to WIN a day off for yourself or nominate another deserving Mom.

Sweepstakes begins: October 16, 2013 12:00
Sweepstakes ends: November 13, 2013 15:00

Moms Win a Day Off Sweepstakes

Check out Purex at their facebook page and at their website.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Grace Unplugged Prize Pack Giveaway

Sometimes, chasing your dreams leads you right to where you belong!
Having just turned 18, Grace Trey aspires to more than just singing at her church where her father, a former pop star, is the worship leader. So, with the help of Mossy, her dad's former manager, Grace records a cover version of her dad's old Top-10 hit, runs off to Los Angeles, and begins to taste the kind of stardom she's always dreamed about.
Yet with each rung of the ladder she climbs, Grace feels more and more pressure to compromise her values, further straining her relationship with her parents. Will everything she experiences lead her to reject her faith… or rediscover it?
Grace Unplugged opens in theaters October 4 and is “Family Approved” by the Dove Foundation.

The Grace Unplugged Cast:
AJ Michalka
James Denton
Kevin Pollak
Michael Welch

Grace Unplugged Prize Pack INCLUDES:
• Grace Unplugged Soundtrack CD
     - Songs by TobyMac, AJ Michalka, Chris Tomlin and Shawn McDonald.
• Grace Unplugged: A Novel by Melody Carlson.
• Own It: The book Discover Your Faith in God by Michael & Hayley DiMarco.
• Grace Unplugged Exclusive Guitar Pick.

 • Are You Ready for ROCKSTAR Life? QUIZ - Are you prepared to be a rockstar in all areas of your life? Take this fun quiz to find out!
• VIEW Heartwarming GIFs - Get all the action and the best scenes from the movie with this collection of GIFs!
• WATCH the Music Video - See the brilliant music video that accompanies “All I’ve Ever Needed,” the hit song by AJ Michalka who plays Grace Trey in the movie.
a Rafflecopter giveaway  *The prize will be sent via FedEx or USPS. No P.O. Boxes please. Winner is subject to verification. Please note that the assets included within this message were supplied to me by Grace Unplugged .Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again.  Giveaway open to the U.S. & Canada 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Warner Bros. Spook-Tacular Blog App

What is the best part about Halloween?
The pumpkin carving? The costumes? The free candy? All are amazing, but whether you are the bunch that loves dressing up and scaring the neighbors or you plan to stay-in, Warner Bros. has a line-up of Spook-Tacular Movies to get you in the holiday spirit. From classics like It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown & Scooby-Doo The Goblin King to Adventure Time – Jake the Dad, you can count on a spook-tacular selection that the entire family can enjoy!
Before you and the kids take the neighborhood by storm, get in the mood by sharing some spooky stories! Download copies of the Spook-Tacular Story Time PDF, fire up the flashlights, and gather in a circle..... this Halloween it's STORY TIME! Perfect for kids ages 7 to 73! 

 • Which Spooky Family Are You? QUIZ - Is your family all about the candy and costumes? Or are you pumpkin-carving crazy? Take the quiz to find out which spooky family YOU are!
• Spook-Tacular Story Time PDF - It's simple... Halloween is not Halloween without spooky story time! Print out a copy for everyone, sit in a circle, and have everyone craft their own spooky story!

List of movies that you can win (Movie Will be chosen at Random)
 • Scooby-Doo! 13 Spooky Tales: Run for your Rife!
• Regular Show – Fright Pack (V4)
• It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Deluxe Edition
• Tom and Jerry: Tricks and Treats
• Bugs Bunny’s Howl-oween
• Scooby-Doo and the Goblin King
• Tom and Jerry: Halloween Hijinks
• Sesame Street: Elmo Says Boo!
• Adventure Time – Jake the Dad (V5)

*Each household is only eligible to win 1 WB Spook-Tacular Family Movie [CHOSEN AT RANDOM] via blog reviews and giveaways. Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification. Open to  US and Canada 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pacific Rim Blu-ray GIVEAWAY


 Directed by Guillermo del Toro, Pacific Rim is an epic science fiction film set in the 2020s. Earth is at war with Kaijus; colossal monsters from an inter-dimensional gateway on the Pacific Ocean floor. Humanity unites to fight these huge monsters by creating the Jaegers: gigantic humanoid robots that are controlled by two pilots whose minds and memories are linked. The story takes place in the later days of the war, following Raleigh Becket, a former Jaeger pilot called out of retirement and paired up with newbie pilot Mako Mori in a final effort to defeat the Kaijus!
Pacific Rim is released on Blu-ray & DVD Oct 15!!

 Pacific Rim: CONTROLLABLE GIFs - Move & click your mouse across the GIFs to control the Giant Kaiju and Massive Jaegers!
Pacific Rim SUPERFAN QUIZ - How do your movie smarts stack up? Do you consider yourself to be a movie superfan? Take the quiz to find out!
Pacific Rim SOUNDBOARD - Pacific Rim features epic battles between the Jaegers and Kaiju! Play with SFX from the movie, create your own battle clashes, and save mankind from the apocalypse!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
The materials in this message are provided by Warner Brothers. The prize will be sent via FedEx or USPS. No P.O. Boxes please.Each household is only eligible to win 1 Pacific Rim Blu-Ray via blog reviews and giveaways. Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Purex UltraPacks plus Oxi


Purex UltraPacks Detergent

No mess. No spills. No heavy bottles.


So I discovered that one of the twins flung baby food across the room.  It landed on a tshirt but after 10 minutes of soaking in I was sure that the stain wouldn't come out.  I decided to see how well these Purex UltraPacks plus Oxi work. 



As you can see it came out pretty good!

Purex UltraPacks contain a complete load’s worth of concentrated liquid laundry detergent in each convenient pack. They dissolve quickly, even in cold water, releasing the concentrated liquid laundry detergent.
No more measuring. No more mess. Just toss and go! With double the cleaning power in every drop, you can trust your clothes will come out bright, white and clean.
Like any household detergent, keep away from children.

How do Purex UltraPacks work?
Each Purex UltraPack contains 2x concentrated liquid detergent, giving each UltraPack double the cleaning power in every drop. They dissolve quickly once the washer is started—even in cold water.

Purex UltraPacks plus Oxi have even more stain-fighting power than regular Purex UltraPacks because they combine the Purex performance of Purex detergent with the stain-fighting power of Oxi.

Learn more about Purex UltraPacks plus Oxi on their website at

Or you can check them out on

Enter to win $50 through the below promotion and then enter to win your own coupon for Purex UltraPacks with Oxi from me! Rafflecopter at the bottom. 

 Find the red football jersey hidden somewhere on and WIN $50! 10 Winners! Hint: Just toss and go!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ladies Home Journal Subscription Giveaway

Ladies Home Journal

Thats right Purex is giving away a subscription to Ladies Home Journal, Sign up to win yours below.

Purex Laundry Help App

Purex Laundry Help App

I love the new Purex Laundry app. I love that you can use the stain guide for all my households worst stains and how to treat them. I also love that you can FINALLY figure out exactly what all those pictures on the tags are. Is there anybody that actually knows what it means? Available in both Android and iOs.

  • Stain Guide: Expert advice on how to treat your toughest stains.
  • Label Decoder: Find out what those funny little pictures on your clothes' tags actually mean.
  • Fabric Care: Helpful care instructions for popular fabric types. 
  • Ironing & Folding: Learn the basics of properly ironing and folding a range of clothing.
  • Laundry Time: Here to make sure you never forget about another load of laundry.
  • Promotions: A summary of all current Purex promotions.
  • Mix-N-Match: A fun little memory game to pass the time waiting for your laundry to finish.
  • Product Info: Key information on Purex products.
  • Barcode Scanner: Scan Purex products to learn more about them.

To celebrate the new Purex Laundry Help App, Purex is giving you a chance to win an iPad mini. Download the app and enter today for your chance at the grand prize! Be one of three winners.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Growing Up Online Free eBook & The Lorax Blu-ray Giveaway

How did YOU teach your children to surf the web safely?

With me having two 6 month old twins I have been lucky enough to avoid this topic, but now my little one loves to try and get to my ipad I see that it is an important one. I think this information is great for all parents and parents to be. Let me know if you have any extra tips to share with my readers in the comments below and then enter to win Lorax on DVD.  

The More You Know Learning Series, in collaboration with NBC News, has launched Growing Up Online, the FREE eBook for parents to keep their kids safe on the Internet!
Our kids have never known a world without the Internet. They’re spending more and more time on the web, so teaching them about using technology responsibly and safely is critical. Use the #GrowingUpOnline Blog App and take the quiz to see if your child is ready to safely surf the web!
Download the FREE Growing Up Online eBook and be sure to watch all four entertaining comic book stories as a family, which show real situations that may occur when your kids go online.
This free eBook provides easy-to-use information that addresses the growing concern about kids’ online privacy and cyberbullying in a unique and engaging way. Growing Up Online is packed with important tips that every parent should know!

• Is Your Child Internet-Ready? QUIZ - Have you talked with your kids about online safety? Take the quiz to find out if your child is Internet-ready!
• Comic Book Videos - Watch all four comic book stories as a family to discuss real situations that may occur when your kids go online.
• DOWNLOAD the FREE eBook - Our kids have never known a world without the Internet. But that doesn’t mean they know how to behave online. Download the free eBook and start a conversation with your kids.

Now enter to win THE LORAX DVD & Blu-ray Combo Pack below on rafflecopter!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

*   * These materials were provided to me by Growing Up Online. The prize will be sent via FedEx or USPS. No P.O. Boxes please.  Winner must respond in 48 hours or another winner may be chosen. 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Orkin Home Education Kit & Flashlight Giveaway

Win the Orkin Home Education Kit and Flashlight giveaway!

Is your home at risk?
The best way to protect your home is education. How much do you know about household pests? They don’t have a place in your home, but pests do have a place in the world. From science and forensics to art and culture, pests play an important role.
Take the Pest Test Quiz to find out how well you know about our tiny neighbors!
Orkin are EXPERTS in bug science and developing customized solutions for keeping your home pest-free!

 • The Pest Test! QUIZ - See if you know your bug science by taking this quiz and testing your pest knowledge!
• Bizarre Bug Facts! PDF - Get the facts on these creepy crawly critters from the experts at Orkin!
• View the Orkin Man in Action! GIFs - Watch these exciting Orkin Man GIFs that prove he’s part scientist, part superhero!

a Rafflecopter giveaway * These materials were provided to me by Orkin. The prize will be sent via FedEx or USPS. No P.O. Boxes please.  Winner must respond in 48 hours or another winner may be chosen. Desert Firefly is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ultimate Life DVD Prize Pack Giveaway!

Are you living THE ULTIMATE LIFE?

Between the pressure of running a foundation started by his late grandfather, being sued by his greedy extended family, and seeing his beloved Alexia leave on an extended mission trip to Haiti, Jason Stevens' world is unraveling. But when Jason discovers a journal that his grandfather began as a Depression-era lad, his writings transport Jason on an incredible rags-to-riches ride. With everything he loves hanging in the balance, Jason hopes he can discover THE ULTIMATE LIFE.
Opening in theaters September 6, THE ULTIMATE LIFE (the sequel to The Ultimate Gift) reminds us some things are worth more than money!
With The Ultimate Life Blog App, take the quiz to find out if YOU are Living Life to the Fullest! Read six great ways to start living the ultimate life NOW, as written by Jim Stovall, author of The Ultimate Life book. And watch the official trailer for this inspiring movie!

The Ultimate Life Prize pack contains:
• DVD of The Ultimate Gift
• The Ultimate Gift book by Jim Stovall
• The Ultimate Gift charm bracelet
• The Ultimate Life leather-bound journal
a Rafflecopter giveaway
* The prize will be sent via FedEx or USPS. No P.O. Boxes please. I was provided these materials by The Ultimate Life and all opinions are my own. Desert Firefly is not responsible for fulfillment of prizes.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar & Stain Remover Review and Giveaway!

If you are like me and have been using a liquid stain remover, well this is something that you definitely need to check out. I'm sort of a clutz and I have lost or broken or spilled countless bottles of liquid stain remover. Even now, I have a bottle and its new and the nozzle is broken. In order to use it I have to unscrew the broken nozzle and pour it on the stain, which I always pour too much. With Fels-Naptha none of those problems are an issue. Because its basically a laundry bar. It looks like a soap  bar and you use it to rub into your stain just like you would with the liquid stain remover.

 I have never used a laundry bar and found it quite neat to use, It's been around for over 100 years so you know its a tried and true product. In the picture below you can see the bar on top of the box.

  • No broken nozzles
  • No liquid loss from overusing your liquid stain remover
  • No plastic spray bottle waste
  • Longer lasting than the liquid stain removers 

Also see them on Facebook at
There is also a great sweepstakes that is taking place thru the August 28th.  

One winner will win the  $500 grand prize and 119 second place winners will receive a coupon for a free bar of Purex Fels-Naptha Laundry bar. Thats 120 winners for every year Fels-Naptha has been helping remove America's toughest stains! 

Now go ahead and enter to win one of 3 coupons for a Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar from Desert Firefly!  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

31 Days of Fun Promotion and $10 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

31 Days of Fun Promotion

Did you know that Purex is giving away prizes EVERYDAY thru August?

I love that todays is the Apple 5th generation Ipod Touch. There are some awesome prizes like a Gas Grill, Outdoor Fireplace,  a Swing Set (I need that one!) and a Patio Gazebo!!  You need to make sure to LIKE the Purex Facebook page in order to win! 

If you are ready to win then go ahead and click the link below and get ready!

Purex 31 Ddays of Fun Promotion

If you are interested in winning $10 Amazon Gift Card go ahead and enter below! Share this with your friends and get a chance to take that Gift Card home!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, August 9, 2013

Ozeri WeightMASTER Digital Bathroom Scale with Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection Review

I'll be reviewing the Ozeri WeightMASTER Digital Bathroom Scale with MICROBAN Antimicrobial Product Protection.  When I received the scale the picture on the box does not do it justice.

When you take it out of the box the first thing you notice is the oversized LCD screen. When it lights up the xBright technology illuminates the LCD screen with a lovely bright blue screen. I also like how its large numbers so you don't have to wear your glasses like I would to read the numbers. The illumination also makes it so that you can EASILY read it without a light on if you choose to use it during the night. Another feature I enjoy is that it runs on 3 AAA batteries. No weird or awkward batteries that you have no idea where or how to replace.

 I have a big household with dogs, cats 2 children and 2 parents so this Microban antimicrobial product protection is great. I cannot believe that on a regular scale the bacteria can double every twenty minutes. Have you ever thought to clean off your scale regularly? Probably not if you are like me. This is a great added layer of protection that I enjoy vs my other regular scale.

 Another feature is the large weighing platform to stand on. It weighs up to 400 lbs so almost anyone can easily stand on the scale without having to strain to stay on the scale.  This scale will easily change between lbs, kgs, and st.  So if you are used to weighing yourself in another way it easily converts.   This scale is really easy to use and to be honest I love to use it at night just to see the blue xBright technology screen. It makes me wish this doubled as a night light.
Nice and Slim

  • Features Microban antimicrobial product protection that helps prevent the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria.
  • Innovative design features a large weighing platform infused with Microban antimicrobial technology for an added level of protection that won't wear away for the life of the scale.
  • Microban antimicrobial protection works 24/7 to keep the surface of the scale cleaner (on an unprotected bath scale, bacteria can double in number every 20 minutes).
  • New oversized LCD with xBright technology provides immediate and easy-to-read results. Uses 4 high-precision GX sensors that weigh up to 400lbs (180 kg) in 0.2 lb or 0.1 kg increments.
  • New StepOn technology captures the precise weight measurment upon contact. (no tapping required.)
  • Convenient Unit Button switches between lbs, kg, and st. 
  • Auto-calibrates and automatically turns off to conserve battery life.
  • Runs on 3AAA batteries (batteries included).

If you are looking to pick one of these gorgeous scales up you can do so at

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bear Grylls Get Out Alive Giveaway

 I was so excited when I heard Bear Grylls had a new show I couldn't wait for the first episode. The first season of GET OUT ALIVE with Bear Grylls is on and a new episode aired last night. I'll try to avoid spoilers but its just such a good show I totally want to give my opinion on everything and every team on there. Instead of a survival show that he normally hosts and stars in himself, each week there are sets of teams of two. They each compete under FOOD, SHELTER or OBSTACLE. Each team then is responsible for the food all of them eat, the shelter or whatever Obstacle Bear gives them. They must catch most of their food, along with rice and beans. Last night they ate eel. Bear then evaluates each of the contestants based on if they would GET OUT ALIVE. He dismisses one team at the end of each episode. As usual theres couples, siblings, father/daughter team, and Best Friends. As each team gets picked off another team has the chance to win a Fiest Pit which is basically everything on the menu at Chilis.  They get to bathe and clean up too. I generally enjoy the new show and think these bracelets are pretty darn handy. You never know when you need one, and I'd personally love to have anything from Bears line of products, which the contestants are always wearing in the show. He's got some nice stuff. So why not go ahead and try for a chance to win one of these!

• Bear GIFs! The Get Out Alive GIF Gallery -
Watch amazing and action-packed GIFs from the show!

• Would YOU Get Out Alive? QUIZ -
Getting out alive means making split-second decisions when faced with danger in the wilderness. Test your knowledge of the great outdoors and see how you “bear up” to Bear Grylls’ wild wisdom!

• Get to Know the Contestants! VIDEO CLIPS -
Watch inspiring and entertaining clips of the contestants on the show. All have overcome huge obstacles in life and all are hoping to be crowned the winning duo of Get Out Alive!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Disclosure: The assets included within this message were provided to me by NBCUniversal’s Get Out Alive.  Desert Firefly  is not responsible for prize shipment. Please respond within 48 hours after receiving notification by email. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Social Media Giving Day GIvver Giveaway!

Social Media Giving day is the same as Twitters birthday. Who knew? July 15th! #Give with Givver to help us set a world record for the most donations given in one day through social media! Will you help us do this?

Social Media has come a long way but out of them all twitter makes big strides in giving back. I just love it when a social tool can also be used in giving back.  This is where Givver comes in. is awesome. It enables you to donate quickly and easily to your favorite causes with a single tweet! Whether it’s a non-profit, educational, or political organization you want to support, Givver is here to help you fund and raise awareness for the issues that matter, all by simply using Twitter.

Givver is a great way to show your friends, family, and followers on Twitter that you care in a tech-savvy way! Let's all tweet to #give to at least one organization that needs our help by using Givver and make social giving go viral this Social Media Giving Day on July 15!

I don't know about you but I love to give back it makes me feel really good like I accomplished something very important and hopefully it all gets paid forward.

For more information and to sign up to be ready on July 15, visit:
  • What's Your Twitter Personality QUIZ! - What kind of Tweeter are YOU? Are you first with breaking news stories or does celebrity gossip fuel your timeline? Do you mostly retweet recipes, hashtag humorous one-liners, or are you a font of philosophical wisdom? Take the quiz and find out!
  • Learn & #Give on July 15, 2013 - Head to to see which worthwhile cause you will support on Social Media Giving Day, all with a single tweet! MAKE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA MATTER ON JULY 15! 
So this is where we get to give to celebrate giving back, enter to win an Official Social Media Giving Day Prize Pack.
Social Media Giving Day Prize Pack INCLUDES:
- Givver #Give Limited Edition T-shirt
- Givver #Give Limited Edition Sticker 

Take the quiz, post your results and enter via rafflecopter below.  Share with me your stories of giving, a time a stranger helped you out or vice versa. Share your giving back stories here with me!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Givver supplied these materials for this giveaway and Desert Firefly is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Winner must respond within 48 hours or an alternate winner may be chosen. Contest ends July 21th.

Friday, June 28, 2013

EquityLock Protector & Giftcard Giveaway

I recently had a friend share a story about how their washer stopped working after a few years of ownership, the warranty had expired and when the repairman came he quoted them a price that was MORE than the original cost of the washer to fix it. How does that even make sense? Why wouldn't you just go buy a brand new one instead of paying more to fix an old broken washer? Well with EquityLock you don't have to worry about any of that. Keep on reading to find out how you can enter to win 6 months FREE plus $15 in home maintenance cash.

Fire up the grill, dust off your hammock and prep your pool because summer is here!

It’s the perfect time to relax, chill with friends, and enjoy the sunshine. There’s no better way to unwind than with the peace of mind that no matter come rain or shine... your home and appliances are covered, just in case!


Typically, homeowner insurance policies don't offer help when your appliances break down. With the EquityLock Protector plan, you'll safeguard up to $50,000 of the value of your property and ensure your six most essential appliances are protected, including:

- washer
- dryer
- refrigerator
- microwave
- dishwasher
- range/oven/cooktop

Each of your appliances will be protected (up to $1,500 per 12-month period) including repair or, if necessary, replacement. 

This summer, get your peace of mind LOCKED!

EquityLock Protector reduces the chance of you facing unexpected, costly repairs (or purchases) on your major appliances! Additionally, EquityLock Protector provides up to $10,000 in financial protection in the event that the local housing market declines at the time you sell your home.

Enter to win: 

• 6 months of EquityLock Protector (usually $79.95 a month, that’s over $470 in total value) FREE
• $15 EquityLock Home Improvement Cash (cash card to use at all good home improvement stores) FREE

 Lock Your Appliances QUIZ - Do you know how best to take care of your appliances? How to keep your fridge fresh, your dishwasher dazzling, and your microwave magnificent? Take the quiz to find out!
6 Tips to Keep your House Happy - Tips and tricks to keep your home handsome and your dwelling delightful. From gutters to heaters to roofs to lawns, we've got the goods on how best to take care of your home with minimal effort.

a Rafflecopter giveaway Warner Bros. supplied these materials for this giveaway and Desert Firefly is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Winner must respond within 48 hours or an alternate winner may be chosen. Contest ends July10th.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Jack the Giant Slayer DVD & Blu-Ray GIveaway

Nice I am all for really great movies coming out during the summer. It seems as though they time it just so that some of these great blockbusters come out right smack dab in the middle of it! But who am I to complain I love movies! 

Warner Bros. is proud to announce the arrival of Jack the Giant Slayer released on DVD & Blu-ray on June 18! Uh Yeah that just happened so its now available!

Unleashed on the Earth for the first time in centuries, the giants strive to reclaim the land they once lost, forcing Jack (Nicholas Hoult), into the battle of this life to stop them and rescue the princess!

The question is... are you courageous enough to rescue the princess? Are you brave like Jack?  Take the quiz to find out!

Control the Action! - Move your mouse across the GIFS and take control of action-packed scenes from Jack the Giant Slayer. YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF THE ACTION!
How Brave Are You? QUIZ - Are you brave like Jack? Do beanstalks and "giant" challenges make you afraid or courageous? Take the quiz to find out!
Giant Soundboard - Jack the Giant Slayer is filled with epic giant stomps, sword slashes and thunderous sounds! Play with official sound effects from the movie and compose your own "giant hit song"! 

So take the Quiz How brave are you and tell me in a comment below what your results were for one entry to win a COMBO PACK Blu-Ray + DVD + Ultraviolet.

Unleashed on the Earth for the first time in centuries, the giants strive to reclaim the land they once lost, forcing Jack (Nicholas Hoult), into the battle of this life to stop them. Fighting for a kingdom and its people, and the love of a brave princess, he comes face to face with the unstoppable warriors he thought only existed in legend... and gets the chance to become a legend himself! Directed by Brian Singer (X-Men, Superman Returns)

Starring: Nicholas Hoult (About a Boy), Ewan McGregor (Star Wars, Moulin Rouge!), and Stanley Tucci (The Lovely Bones).

So yes, you can now own this awesome movie!

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Space Warriors Blu-Ray Giveaway!

Celebrate Walden Family Theater with the Space Warriors Blog App and Giveaway!

I love the Hallmark Channel, and once again they've done it with another great film they are airing TONIGHT June 14th.

Space Warriors is the second film in the Walden Family Theater original lineup featuring great family entertainment, airing Friday nights exclusively on Hallmark Channel. Walden Family Theater is creating films for the whole family to enjoy together, so make sure to mark your calendars and gather around the television to watch all the great upcoming films!

Watch Space Warriors on Hallmark Channel June 14th at 8/7C! 

Past films include: "The Chronicles of Narnia" series, "Holes", "Nim's Island", "Charlotte's Web", and "Return to Nim's Island".

 About Space Warriors: Six highly skilled teenagers are handpicked to be part of a summer space camp competition at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. As the competition heats up, the kids have no idea that their ultimate challenge will be to solve a life or death crisis aboard the International Space Station as the world anxiously watches. Starring: Thomas Horn, Danny Glover, Josh Lucas, Dermot Mulroney, Mira Sorvino and Booboo Stewart. Space Warriors Official Website: 

• How Spacey Are You? QUIZ – Are you a Space Warrior? Do you use the stars to navigate your journeys instead of the map function on your smartphone? Take this quiz to find out whether you're destined to orbit the cosmos or whether you're happiest living here on this planet.
Prepare for Blast-off! Space Warriors Viewing Guide – Mark your calendars for June 14th and check off the boxes as you watch Space Warriors for the most spectacular, spaciest experience!


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Friday, May 31, 2013

Ozeri Frother Review

Ozeri Deluxe Milk Frother Review

Today I'll be reviewing the Ozeri Deluxe Milk Frother in Stainless Steel, with Stand and 4 Frothing Attachments.

When I knew this was coming and on its way I really expected it to be larger, more like those plugin hand mixers, but I was pleasantly surprised that it was battery operated, slender and had its own stand. Did I mention its CORDLESS?! Awesome!  It was not bulky at all easy to install the batteries and the fact that it doesn't take up much counter space is a huge plus.

Ships with 4 frothing attachments - 2 Milk Frothing Whisks, 1 Egg Beater, 1 Cocktail Mixer, and an elegant stand. The egg beater attachment can be used to whisk eggs, soups, dressings, sauces and other non-solid food items, and a propeller-shaped attachment that can be used to mix cocktails. It also comes with 2 AA batteries so you don't have to wait to froth!

It's pretty easy to remove it and install the other attachment. Its actually quite quick too. I just love that its so versatile. I can easily go from making foamed coffee to beating eggs to later that night making some cocktails. It's so many things in one!   It has a Powerful motor that spins at over 15,000 RPMS. 

It literally took me seconds to foam up some milk. Seriously I mean in ten seconds I had foam. This works for steam-free cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, hot chocolates, shakes, frappes and other drinks, frothing has never been easier than with the Ozeri Milk Frother. The Ozeri Frother foams all kinds of milk (whole/regular/skim milk, soy milk, almond milk and coconut milk) alike for fluffy hot café lattes or cold chocolate malts in seconds. Some members of my family are lactose intolerant so its great that it can foam up soy milk too.

I thought this would be great for camping, or handy tool for taking to work. It's petite, cordless, and it can fit just about anywhere. So if you want fancy foam hot chocolates or a café latte while camping or while at work just toss this in the bag and go!

You can check out Ozeri on facebook at

If you want to check it out on Amazon to purchase you can do that here .

Just check out that layer of foam in my cup.

Ozeri provided me with a Milk Frother for review.  I was not provided any other compensation of any kind.  All opinions I express regarding the Ozeri Milk Frother are my own.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ion Audio Giveaway

ION Audio: Film 2 SD Scanner  

  Do you have drawers full of old pictures? You know what I mean the ones where your hair looks frightening with that old perm and aqua net hairspray? Or the pic of your sibling with the jean cut off shorts and the old rock tee shirt? Wish you could easily share them or upload them to facebook to embarass your relatives? Well then this giveaway is for you!

  The Film 2 SD Scanner transfers your images directly onto an SD card so you can enjoy your old pictures with the latest technology. One of the great features is that you don't even need a computer, you can load them onto an SD card to view on digital picture frames, televisions, mobile phones, computers, and other portable devices. Make sure to check out The Review Wire's full review on the Film 2 SD Scanner. Features:
  • High-resolution 5MP scanner and large color LCD
  • Scans color and black & white 35mm slides and film negatives
  • Transfers your slides and negatives directly onto the included SD card
  • Allows viewing of pictures on your iPad®, digital frames, TVs with SD, and more
  • Includes adjustable Rapid Slide Feeder (fits 1.1 to 3.0mm)
  • Works with SD and SDHC cards up to 8GB
  • No computer needed; optional USB connection for Mac and PC
  • Automatic exposure and color balance controls
  • Video output for viewing on an external video monitor

ION Audio Giveaway


2 Winner's will each receive a Film 2 SD Scanner from ION Audio {RV $152.97 each} See form for Entry Details. Open to U.S. You must be 18 years old to enter to win. Ends 5.24.13
Disclaimer: An email address is required to enter. The winner will be chosen randomly through Giveaway Tools and contacted via email. A reply to the winning email is required within 48 hours before a new winner is chosen. One person entering per household please. U.S. only. This giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST on May 24, 2013. This event is sponsored by ION Audio and hosted by The Review Wire. Desert Firefly is not responsible for prize fulfillment. I was not provided with product for this review. I was provided a link on the form in exchange for helping to promote. Companies and bloggers, if you would like to participate in group giveaway events like this one, sign up to be emailed about future events hosted by The Review Wire.